Hi there, I'm Michael Weaker

I'm a product designer, engineer, innovator, and entrepreneur.

I have developed (and helped secure funding through US Gov contracts and grants) robots like this one for the Navy (ONR) and this one for NASA Goddard, irrigation systems for USDA, and hydroelectric generators for DOE.  I also helped develop a wide range of commercial products like technical textiles, coatings for General Motors, furniture like this Knoll chair, this Kickstarter-funded toy, and this Kohler shower.  Working for small firms and starting two companies of my own has meant spending most of my time on the business and project management surrounding the products and technologies that I make.

I enjoy wearing the hat of a generalist problem-solver, operating at the intersection of tech R&D, human-centered design, and business.  With a broad understanding of these three parts of product development - and a sensitivity to the needs of each - I bring value to innovation environments as a liaison/interpreter between technology developers (who "speak" science and engineering) and end users and vendors (who "speak" practicality and cost), troubleshoot development hurdles, guide new technologies toward commercial viability, manage intellectual property, and balance the needs of all stakeholders in the product development pipeline.

Here are some of the places I've contributed:

Pliant Energy SystemsDirector of Product DevelopmentMarine Robotics, Propulsion, Energy Harnessing, Irrigation
Really BrothersCo-founderKickstarter-funded patented Obos toys sold in 50 US retailers
Richard Schultz DesignDesign DirectorIconic outdoor furniture company acquired by Knoll
KohlerIndustrial Designer"Next generation" shower experience
General MotorsIndustrial DesignerCoatings & trim development for Chevrolet brand
NASA Goddard Space Flight CenterMechanical EngineerShape-changing multi-purpose all-terrain explorer robots